Floyd Johnson on 12 Jul 2011 04:29:51 -0700

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[PLUG] "IT Security for Non-Dummies"?

Reading about yet another e-break-in, as well as my suspicions that some
malware has been running loose in AOL's mail servers for months, has got
me worried.

If we assume the basics-nobody at the hit organizations has opened
booby-trapped mail attachments, the Internet-facing systems have been
properly patched and locked down as to what traffic they will allow, any
experiments in WiFi include proper encryption and MAC ID restrictions,
and there are neither moles nor gullible persons among the staff-(1)
What are they doing so horribly wrong? (2) What should we be doing to
avoid replicating their mistakes?

I am aware that my assumptions about such "basics" may have more holes
in it that a wheel of Jarlsberg, and that may be the first place to
start fixing stuff before it breaks.

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