jvoris on 22 Jul 2011 09:34:27 -0700

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[PLUG] FYI.. etc.

You did not mentoin the company, or their particular areas of interest,
but if they want to reach out to a lot of user group leaders, or
supporting the technical user group community here in Philly in general,
then posting something to the Google Group below is the way to get the
word out to these UG Leaders.


And calendars of most User Group meetings are being copied & centralized
Technically Philly.

As is customary, food sponsors for pizza and soda for a user group
meeting usually get an honorable mention and a quick advert. speech of
their products, hires, etc at the start of most User Group meetings. 
Also, they get their name and advert mentioned in the meeting's listserv

John V.

>> From: Drew Lehman
>> On Tuesday 19 July 2011 16:51, the following was written:
>>>  Hello folks, ran across a few things in rapid succession that I thought
>>>  PLUG would be interested in.  First, I know someone looking for a PHP
>>>  developer for a startup.  The company is already running and just got
>>>  some additional funding, so it's relatively stable.  Secondly, would
>>>  anyone be interested in a IP 6 presentation?  I looking at putting one
>>>  together for PANTUG and thought PLUG members would be interested.
>>>  Thirdly, I spoke with a company that is interested in sponsoring local
>>>  user groups with something basic like Pizza/soda for meetings.  They are
>>>  not looking for anything in return except maybe a mention.
>>>  If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know.
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