Casey Bralla on 1 Aug 2011 01:34:33 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Looking for a Good eMail Client

On Sunday 31 July 2011 9:43:15 PM Art Alexion wrote:

> Is it possible to write a wrapper script that runs Akonadi and kmail as a
> regular user?
> > I'm a long-time KDE user who runs my system as root (Please! No flames.
> > Ihave my reasons and I would be happy to discuss them in another
> > thread.). This means the eMail system in KDE breaks due to Akonadi's 
> > unwillingness to run as root.
> > 

KDE lets you run a program as another user.   I've tried this for KMail, but 
the akonadi routines still run as root.  I may be able to create a wrapper to 
run both KMail & Akonadi with a wrapper though.

Good suggestion!

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