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Re: [PLUG] EXTERNAL: Remote KDE Session

When it comes to Linux I am clueless...

However I am guessing that you need to do a...

xhost +

to permit that window to appear on your client.  Again, I am guessing here...

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Subject: EXTERNAL: [PLUG] Remote KDE Session

Listening to the "teaser" about the upcoming talk on "screen" at PLUG last 
night got me very excited about its capabilities.   Lter, I got to thinking 
about an X-window version of screen, and then jumped to the conclusion:  Why 
not just run KDE remotely?

My basement server runs KDE all the time, adn I can successfully vnc into it 
and run a remote desktop.  However, I'd much rather run a native (albeit 
remote) KDE session on my main computer since the window size would match my 
main screen and the display would look crisper.

In other words, I want to have a full KDE desktop on my local computer, but 
actually running on the remote computer.

So I ssh'd into my remote machine, and ran "startx -- :1" to spawn a new X 
window environement which I hoped would show up on my main (remote) screen.  
No good.  it did seem to spawn a new X, but not on my local machine.

I also tried "startkde" but got an error message "$DISPLAY is not set or 
cannot connect to the X server."  Unfortunately, DISPLAY is set, and even if I 
changed it, I could not get KDE to start remotely.

Anybody have any suggestions? 

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