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Re: [PLUG] saw this on /. this morning.

PLUG folks,

I wrote aliases and scripts for some of my common uses of "find".

Check out:

 Alias "dirr" that can be used to see what *.dll files there are
 in a directory tree.

 Alias "confirm" that can be used to apply a command (like rm) to
 all *.dll files in a directory tree, prompting for confirmation
 at each filename.
 You can also change the -ok in the alias to -exec to avoid the

 The "dirr" alias, re-written as a script so that it can support
 more features.

 Quick intro to "find" telling you to try it if "ls -R" doesn't
 do what you thought it would.

 Quick summary of many useful Unix commands for getting help and
 finding info:  apropos, whatis, man, info, help, whereis, which,
                where, find, locate
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