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Re: [PLUG] lpi

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 2:24 PM, Ron Kaye Jr <> wrote:
build a linux server
buy the book
go through it yourself
ask the group if you have questions

+10,000 to this. There is absolutely no substitute for your DIY approach, because (often enough) in a professional context, you'll be in that same boat, and falling back on actual personal experience from when you had to troubleshoot issues and diagnose problems is far better than referencing class notes.

Build a server. Make absolutely sure it is headless, meaning no monitor and no keyboard. (You can use the monitor and keyboard to actually install the OS, but never again!) The only cables coming out of that box should be AC and Ethernet. This will teach you about SSH access and remote administration. Read up on the LAMP stack and make a webserver, even if it's just running on your LAN at home. (Read up on port forwarding to configure your home router to pass connections for remote access. If you do, make sure you're using key-based authentication for SSH!)

Google is your absolute best friend, and anything your Google Fu doesn't serve up, PLUG is there for you.

Having your own server at home will give you frequent excuses to further your knowledge: what if I had a shared media repository for all my laptops to stream from? (To the Samba documentation!) Restricting yourself to command line input will encourage you to explore basic tools like find, grep, awk, and sed. These will be your saving grace, often enough, and remember that every minute you pour into studying these tools will save you hours in the future. Really.

Once you've dabbled sufficiently, no one will be able to keep you away from Bash or Perl scripting, because you'll see how logical it is to make the computer to work for you, rather than the other way around.

Probably the single best learning source: man [program]. Use it liberally.

Good luck!

taught the class at chubb, may now be anthem, as part of an expensive but decent program
Ron Kaye Jr
On 10/03/11, kbenjamin Coplon<> wrote:
does anyone have suggestions for lpi training or anything similar in the area?
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