Adam Zion on 5 Oct 2011 06:59:10 -0700

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[PLUG] Sprint mobile wireless device + Ubuntu

I have a Sprint mobile wireless card- Sierra 250U USB- which works as
a 3G, although not 4G, device in Ubuntu (it works as 4G under Win, but
no official 4G supplicant software exists for it in Ubuntu yet). It
connects just fine, but when I disconnect (in software) and then
physically remove the device, the GUI simply quits, leaving me locked
at a text screen. It's not as if it merely crashes me to a command
prompt- I actually have to reboot to get back into linux.

Obviously, this makes it somewhat less-than-useful as a mobile device
in Ubuntu, meaning that I need to use Win7 whenever I plan to use the
wireless device. Which sucks, b/c Ubuntu (using LXDE or Openbox as an
interface, rather than Gnome, KDE, or Unity) is at least an order of
magnitude faster than Win7.

Google hasn't been especially helpful. Any thoughts?

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