Adam Zion on 5 Oct 2011 12:18:10 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Sprint mobile wireless device + Ubuntu

> By the GUI, do you mean X? GNOME?


> What's the text on the screen you see?

*Tons* of it. Whole screen of white on black text. Lots of stuff about
USB disconnect. Too much to type out, and I obviously can't do a
screen cap on a frozen system.

> Do you (or did you) have to use modprobe to get the device working?

Nope- plug it in, and it is instantly recognized as a CDMA device. If
anything, it's easier to get it running on linux than it is on Win.

> Once on
> that text screen, can you hit ctrl+alt+F2 to access a terminal? If not, can
> you use the Magic SysRq key to reboot that way (i.e. did your kernel panic)?

No dice either way. Ctrl-alt-del, though, *does* force a reboot.


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