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Re: [PLUG] Groupware Alternatives

If you really like Outlook and Exchange, why not hosted Exchange? Pretty inexpensive for one mailbox. They do the worrying with upgrades and patches. A number of vendors, and MS has just introduced their own.

I know this list is for the promotion of FOS technology, but if you really prefer Outlook/Exchange,, and you need it for such a small domain, then I recommend hosted Exchange.

On Nov 6, 2011 10:02 PM, "John Karr" <> wrote:

This is a one user environment (me), although I have several mailboxes and numerous aliases.


I’m looking into the Davical server with carddav and caldav protocols, but I’m still quite open to other suggestions, especially ones that other people have had positive experience with.


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How many mailboxes are we talking?

On Oct 29, 2011 6:19 PM, "John Karr" <> wrote:

I just ditched running my own Exchange Server. I'm looking for a
replacement of the Calendar and Contact Management pieces of it.

My email is migrated to Postfix/Dovecot/Squirrel with Sieve for
serverside mail filtering. For email I am very happy with this
configuration, and I expect over time that it will require less of my
time for maintenance and not eat up a virtual machine with 4 GB of RAM

When I was on Exchange Outlook was my Primary Mail client and Outlook
Web Access was my Linux Mail Client. I had access to Contacts and
Calendar wherever I could connect back to my Server, and they were all

Right now my contacts and Calendar are in Outlook, I can manually import
them to Evolution (Evolution as an application is inferior to Outlook,
and I don't think it is as easy to go the other way), but the only true
copy is the Outlook data file.

I'm looking for a means of centralizing my Calendar and Contact
Repository so that I can access it fully from all of my clients. I'm
continuing to resist giving all of my data to google, but I suppose I
should consider it.

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