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[PLUG] Opening on Wharton Computing's Core Systems Unix Team

Hey gang. We have a Jr./Sr. opening on our Core Systems Unix Team. I figured I'd post it here in case anyone was interested. We're hoping for a Sr. candidate, but a inspired Jr. would also be welcome. Details here, more at the dreaded http://jobs.hr.upenn.edu site:




Junior Level Responsibilities:
As a member of a team of System Administrators who is responsible for the entire lifecycle of enterprise hardware, OS, services, and applications, provide supervised primary and second-tier UNIX and network support in a complex, distributed, heterogeneous environment, including mail troubleshooting. Ensure data protection in the form of backups, archive copies, and other means. Work involves frequent shell scripting (Perl and Bash), occasional small programming assignments, team-based code reviews, and supervised configuration management/automation rollout.

Senior level Responsibilities:
In addition to performing the above duties with less supervision and more self-guided project management, a Senior team member will help with the evaluation, purchasing, installation, configuration, optimization, documentation, maintenance, troubleshooting, inventory, and replacement/retirement of enterprise hardware. Actively participate in architectural planning discussions regarding new IT solutions for the school, and then take an active role throughout the lifecycle of any new solutions. Be more proactive and less reactive concerning systems and network availability.


Junior Qualifications:
A Bachelor's degree and two to three years of experience supporting Unix systems and related services required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Heavy experience in shell scripting (Perl and Bash); working knowledge of networking concepts and system security; strong written and verbal communication skills, and ability to work well as a member of a team.

Preferred skills include: experience with Linux (preferably RHEL) and core IT applications (DNS, Sendmail, DHCP, Apache, PHP, MySQL, NetBackup or other backup/data protection suites, CFEngine, NFS), and the ability to work with them in a complex, heterogeneous environment; VMware experience.

Senior Qualifications:
A Bachelor's degree and five to seven years of experience supporting UNIX systems and related services required or equivalent combination of education and experience. Project planning experience; ability to work effectively with less supervision.

Preferred: in addition to the JR preferred skills, experience with Sun Grid Engine or other HPC technologies; experience with using cloud and 3rd party vendor solutions for business continuity and research.  

To apply:

Go to https://jobs.hr.upenn.edu and search for reference number 111131779.


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