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Re: [PLUG] Older Aspire One ZG5

On Thu, Dec 01, 2011 at 12:38:41AM -0500, Ed Ackerman wrote:
> So I managed to get my hands on my daughters old Aspire One. It runs
> a version of Linpus and runs rather well. My issue is that the
> update funtion freezes on installation. Yum and RPM both freeze as
> well. I am trying to find the recovery DVD since I want this 'as
> new' when it travels down the family laptop food chain, updates
> applied of course.
> Daughter One has misplaced her copy and I was kind of hoping that
> some kind person could loan me theirs or create the recovery flash
> drive (I would of course supply the media).
> I downloaded a couple of DVD images but my trusty DVD burner decided
> to not recognize DVD's. It still recognizes CD's just not DVD's.
> Hmmm next fixit list item.
> So can anyone assist?

Actually, yes.  Put your dvd image onto a flash drive with unetbootin and then install from that.  Aside from that, those Acer Aspire One's run regular old linux (pick your distro) quite well.  I had one myself and really liked it. 

-Linc Fessenden

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