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Re: [PLUG] Tuning Apache/PHP memory use...

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 3:49 PM, Russ Thompson <> wrote:
> Is Apache currently exhaustion of all physical memory?  Honestly going in
> the route of caching is very desirable, assuming you have some memory to
> spare.  Apache has built in caching through modules (afaik) mod_mem_cache
> and mod_disk_cache.  However the preferred method is generally Squid or
> Varnish.  It will certainly improve load times and performance.
> I'm also not familiar with your application, so it's a bit difficult to
> judge.

I can fill in a couple of the gaps there.  Drupal actually does its
own caching.  Normally, the cached pages are stored in the database
(ick), but the third-party Cache Router module
( can stored cached data on disk
in serialized format.

The original poster is almost certainly using MyISAM.  Drupal has a
history of not playing nice with InnoDB, specifically with the way it
handles sessions. (Though I'd love to hear if anyone had success with
InnoDB under Drupal.)

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