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Re: [PLUG] VMware Workstation 8 review

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Rich, as for VirtualBox, I've tried it in the past and mostly liked it, but we use a lot of VMware at work so it makes sense to stay in the family.

I also *really* like the "snapshot trees" you can create using VMware Workstation. I'm not sure VBox was as good last time I ran it, but it's been a couple of years now, so that probably is better.

Baskar, one of these years I'll get around to doing a deeper dive on the KVM/QEMU/whatever stuff. I have a project or two in mind for that. All I need is time...

Casey, the VMware "Server" 1.x and 2.x problems are End-of-Life and increasingly hard to get to compile on "modern" distros. 1.x was awesome, and basically has the headless/awesome remote far GUI I love (but lacked snapshot trees). I still have that on a CentOS-5 machine or two and it works, but I'm sure it'll fail on CentOS-6. 2.x was terrible; I never even get that crappy web GUI to ever work and I never used it.

Pat, the last time I tried the free ESXi stuff, I was unable to get it to do anything useful. And I don't even see the "free" download anymore, though I spent almost zero time looking. I get ESXi 4 to run, but actually doing anything useful with a VM seems to require a whole bunch of *very* not-free stuff.

Also, Workstation is really the correct VMware product for me to be using, for the tasks I need to do. My main disappointment was the fact that I still need to waste resources running a GUI on the host server, and it's harder to get a remote view of things (e.g., to copy&paste stuff) from my Windows $WORK machine. Vino on the xUbuntu host side and TightVNC on the Windows side *work*, but a VMware fat GUI would have worked a lot better because it's tied directly to the virtual hardware.

For reference, my host is a Dell PE R200 with 8G RAM and 2x 750G drives in RAID1. I've run probably 6-8 concurrent VMs, but most of those are CentOS CLI only with 512M, 720M or 1G RAM. Right now I have 2x Ubuntu (with GUI) 1 Windows and 1 CentOS running, all of which work great.

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