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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu pulls the 'official' plug on Kubuntu

On 02/16/2012 09:55 AM, Chad Waters wrote:
This is really bad news for those of use who prefer KDE and have used Ubuntu
since Warty in 2004.  I am not a big fan of xfce, and absolutely hate the
Ubuntu version of Gnome.  This comes at a time when KDE 4 has finally
matured and is really stable and functional again. Even the netbook
interface is nice.

Kubuntu isn't going away. Its just not going to have official support.
It will on the same level as the xubuntu you mention.

That was my first thought as well, maintaining another spin is just a different package list.

But the article makes it sound like this will remove funding that was critical to some aspect of it, so I might be oversimplifying the influence Canonical had on it.

I can see that they want to push Unity, but I haven't really met anyone who likes it (or Gnome 3). Maybe it's because I deal mostly with other developers and we're all pretty anal retentive about control, but it still feels pretty risky for Canonical to be putting so much behind Unity.

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