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Re: [PLUG] web server sending TCP reset

Had same issue with our Cisco CSS load balancer that was causing TCP-Resets through the firewall.

Wireshark with Cisco TAC and hours and hours of troubleshooting identified one of the cisco ports to be flaky and once we swapped out the said unit, TCP-Reset went away.

The unit that was swapped out happened to be our ISP's equipment.

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A user of a site I'm developing is having connectivity problems and they started looking at their firewall logs. ÂThey then asked the site owner why the site was sending so many TCP RESET packets. ÂSo, he asked me. ÂI have no idea.... I've never heard of a web site sending TCP RESET packets... thought that was handled at a lower level.

Sound familiar to anybody? ÂI'm (very rapidly) out of ideas.

They're looking at it with Wireshark and will, I suppose, report back to me at some point.

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