Carl Johnson on 5 Apr 2012 09:56:36 -0700

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[PLUG] VMware server issues

I have a problem with a (recently updated) Centos 5.8 machine that
runs VMware server, SAMBA, CUPS and a few other things. VMware is
setup to run a couple of old windows98 vm's containing dos programs.
These programs utilize LPT1 in the vm for printing. LPT1 is captured
in windows and directing the jobs sent to LPT1 to SAMBA/CUPS in the
same box. CUPS/SAMBA is setup to send that print job to one of two
laser printers. For clarity, here's what it looks like....

Centos5.8>>>VMware server>>>win98vm>>>dos

Recently, I have discovered that the program now gives a "port not
ready" error when you attempt to print from it. If I end the capture
of the port within windows, I no longer get that "port not ready"
error. This made me suspect something awry with the CUPS/SAMBA server,
possibly from the upgrade. So, I setup a whole new box with Centos
5.5, CUPS, SAMBA VMware server etc. I copied the VM's over to the new
server and booted them up, editing the captured ports to point to the
new CUPS/SAMBA setup in this new box. So now I've got.....

Centos5.5>>>VMware server>>>win98vm>>>dos

The dos program then was able to print (albeit partially garbled,
probably from my PPD selection in CUPS) for about an hour. After this
time, things are back to the "port not ready" state again. For kicks,
I put portmon on the VM in both boxes and I can see the program output
data to LPT1 when it's not captured to send to CUPS, so I suspect
windows/the program itself is fine.

does anyone know a good exorcist? how can i start debugging this? i
have googled so much in the past couple days i'm starting to feel like
lawnmower man...... sigh.
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