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Re: [PLUG] Anyone used on Linux?...

On Apr 15, 2012 8:10 PM, "Fred Stluka" <> wrote:
> Linux fans,
> Have any of you used on Linux?
> It's very powerful, but small footprint, screen-sharing software from
> the makers of LogMeIn. ÂRuns in any browser via Flash.
> I've used it on Mac and Windows w/no problem, but I see conflicting
> reports of whether it works on Linux.

I've used LogMeIn on PC and Mac for remote support. It gets the job done, although I'd sure never let somebody install it on my computer! I'm also generally not the one placing tech calls, though.

ÂToday I talked to a guy who
> could not get it to work on his Linux desktop, trying two different
> browsers.

If the context is remote desktop support, this might not fit the bill, but if the person you were talking to is comfortable setting up software, check out: It's all HTML5 compliant and uses no flash, plugs into an existing VNC server.

Have not tried it myself, but it's on my list of fun projects. Mosh first, though. ;)

> Have you used it? ÂDoes it work?
> For more info, here's a tip about that I mailed to my Linux
> mailing list recently:
> Â Â
> Thanks!
> --Fred
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