Rich Freeman on 5 May 2012 07:02:06 -0700

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[PLUG] Managing PDF Files on Linux?

Anybody know of an easy way to manage PDF files and associated OCR
text files in Linux?  I am trying to do receipt-scanning, and I can
find tons of guides on how to actually scan stuff on linux (already a
solved problem), but little on how to manage the mountain of resulting

Right now I'm taking PDF files and associated OCR'd text files and
just sticking them in directory trees by category/month.  The problem
is classifying those documents is a real pain - I tend to scan in
batches and I end up having to open every PDF file to look at it, and
then I have to drag/drop that one file into the right place.  I
haven't found any file manager that will do live previews of PDF
files, beyond a very tiny icon thumbnail which is next to useless.

Any suggestions for software that will let me easily view/tag/sort PDF
files?  Most will never be looked at again, but many are things that I
need to know that I can find if I need to.

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