Art Clemons on 11 May 2012 22:20:31 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] A pleasant installation surprise

On 05/11/2012 10:43 PM, Rich Freeman wrote:
Ugh - if similar practices means bundling dependencies then I can do
without that.  I don't want to download a 50MB tarball to compile
500kb of code.  Chromium does that, and you are still forced to use
half of the bundled libraries.

Once again though, Chromium can be compiled reliably. Especially today with relatively large storage hardware, 50MB isn't a really big price.

As a distro user, I say that this is just why you should let your
distro manage the dependencies.

I suspect most distro maintainers can't possibly keep track of every dependency for even most of the commonly used programs.

As a distro maintainer, I want packages to clearly state their
dependencies, including version restrictions where they are
understood.  Looking at the gentoo package it seems like the calibre
build scripts could probably use a little love, but that seems to be
due to built-in assumptions that xdg should be installing to the root
filesystem (gentoo builds and installs packages with reduced
privileges, so this will fail - we don't want anything but the package
manager touching the root filesystem).

Yet the python script on the Calibre website would likely produce a working version, once again at the cost of some bloat. Yes one of the major weaknesses and major strengths of Linux is precisely that there are multiple ways of accomplishing the production of working software, but unless distro maintainers are going to spend years compiling up every possibly needed piece of software and every possibly needed library, there are always going to be unmet dependencies if just because people want new and improved.

You don't want bloat and I want working software even at the cost of some bloat.
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