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Re: [PLUG] OT: Web development on an iPad

Aide for android is pretty cool. It's an android IDE for android... you can write, build, and install apps within it.

Truth is though, while it's fun to tinker with, I'd rather have a keyboard.

On 5/22/2012 7:50 AM, Eric at wrote:
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At the last PLUG Central meeting we discussed a wide range of topics - some were even related to Linux and open source!  This happened because we had no speaker (and because there were only 6 of us at the meeting.)

Despite the lack of a main speaker I really enjoyed the meeting!  You should have been there.  Nah, on second thought, it would have spoiled the effect.

One topic that came up was the use of tablet and mobile devices for doing "real work."  Several of us observed that IOS and Android applications are never developed on the actual device but instead on a Mac, Linux, or Windows laptop or workstation.  Others felt that the trend was clear - desktop workstations were being replaced by tablets and mobile

I'm in the former camp.  I think that these mobile devices suffer from a couple of major faults that limit their usefulness as a development platform: small(er) screen size and the lack of a keyboard.  Clearly there are add-on devices to address these limitations but, in my opinion, they convert the mobile device into a sort-of desktop computer.

I recalled our discussion this morning when I became aware of "Diet Coda"[1] web development software for the iPad.  It turns out that I have their earlier product, Coda, on my Mac.  Coda is great web development software and if I was not addicted to Linux as my primary development platform I'd be using Coda on the Mac all the time.

It appears that the "mobile device as a development platform" crowd is about to get a big push forward.

I remain unconvinced - but less so than I was yesterday.


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