Eric H. Johnson on 22 May 2012 08:41:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] DNS question


Do you have access to the GoDaddy account? If you do, you can go to DNS
Manager | Zone File Editor, and you should see something like:

Host     Points to         TTL
@        123.234.345.123   1 Hour
www      123.234.345.123   1 Hour
ftp      123.234.345.124   1 hour

The @ entry will point to where a reference to just "" should
go. In this case and should go
to the same place.

Not sure about Google, except that it found before


Hey all,

Our company web site is hosted on GoDaddy.

When I query my company website on Google it goes to it without the www in
front.  Is there some way to get Google to return the entire url with the
www in front?  It looks like most sites return the www.

And another sort of related question:

I'm running a caching dns server, bind, on a Slackware machine.  
If I type in our entire web address (with the www in front) I get to our web
site (on GoDaddy).  
If I type in the web address without the www it does not work.  I'd like it
to work both ways.

OK, I just tried it and now it works both ways (the www appears magically). 
I'm getting really confused with this, I'm almost sure this didn't work just
a few minutes ago.  I need some coffee.

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