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Re: [PLUG] May Speakers?

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Yes, we'd like to have you speak about Pulp... you would be most welcome.
Although there is a probably now a decided Ubuntu "tilt" to the PLUG user base there are, I'm sure, more than a dozen distros represented - including more that a few Red Hat and Fedora users.  Many of these Ubuntu users are sys admins for Red Hat systems at their day jobs and perhaps almost as many are heavily involved in programming.

Also, do show up to a meeting and introduce yourself in person.


On 05/29/2012 01:14 PM, Jay Dobies wrote:
>> If you're nervous about public speaking just remember that you're speaking to your fellow "geeks."  We're a friendly audience and we've never booed anyone off stage.
> I'm the team lead and architect for Pulp, a software repository management application that's being used, among other places, as the content subsystem in Red Hat's System Engine product. Despite our affiliation with Red Hat (I work there, as does the main team itself), it's still a full open source project with a reasonably growing community outside of Red Hat.
> I've hesitated to present it because a.) I have yet to actually make it to a meeting and haven't met anyone and b.) I get the impression that this group is largely Ubuntu based, but I may be wrong about that. That said, while Pulp's version 1 release was entirely based around RPM concepts, in version 2 I've rearchitected it to support pluggable content types for non-RPM content, DEB packages being one of the first on my radar.
> If there's interest, I can do a presentation/demo at an upcoming West meeting. As I'm very much on the developer side of things and not an admin, any input y'all had to offer would be golden for me.
> If you want to dig a bit further into the project, there's the project website ( and I maintain the developer blog ( I'm also in #plug if you just wanted to ping me directly (jdob).

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