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[PLUG] just an update curiosity

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Per a previous thread I'm considering a new [ motherboard | computer ]
Turns out the ASUS A8V-VM was old when I bought it :-(

Basic workstation requirements:

  - used all day every day for work - runs 24x7
  - runs with multiple web and database servers (local only)
  - Virtual Box running - used for experiments.  Could be a growing demand.
  - Ubuntu 12.04 or similar
  - I'm figuring on 8, 12, or even 16 MB of RAM
  - Maybe a 32 to 64 MB SSD for the OS & related files
  In addition:
     I need to handle background audio processing
         (I have 400+ un-recorded LP records I need to process in the backround.)
     Occasional video editing/burning
     Should be quiet.  I'm willing to consider cost-effective liquid cooling
     I'm going to put 3 or 4 SATA drives in there at some point
         I expect (hope) to re-use my existing Antec tower case and 650W power supply.

Okay, that's a rough outline.  Here are some specifics:
   16 GB of RAM
   Intel processor - multiple cores
     (Should I get an i5 or hold out for an i7?
      what is the cost/benefit ratio for the i5/i7 delta?)
   I'm using a NVIDIA video board - will stay the same, or upgrade to another NVIDIA or ATI card
   Any good audio card recommendation?   I'm considering 4+ channels for future audio work.

Any other suggestions/recommendations?

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