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Re: [PLUG] Comcast Internet

It will be as easy as you mentioned if, Comcast gives you a modem and not a some other NATing gateway device. I'm assuming your buffalo routers are handling the PPPoE for the DSL? In this case, you'll just need to reconfig them to do DHCP only, on the WAN side. PPPoE is no longer needed at that point. Ensure that Comcast gives you a DOCSIS modem only, NOT a gateway device and, you should be good to go without any double-NATing. They also shouldn't need any MAC addresses from you.  

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Doug <> wrote:

>I am about to order Comcast Internet, which is a trip in itself, and I
>have a few questions.
>I am currently using Buffalo routers with my DSL and eventually when I
>terminate DSL I want to connect the WAN side to the cable modem box. Is
>this an easy task without Comcast intervention? For DSL they used the
>MAC address of the router to assign me an IP. Would I still use the
>router to do something similar or is this done in the modem? Do you
>have (or need) access to modem setup? I currently use the 192.168.0.xÂ
>block on the LAN side of the Buffalo.
>I think Comcast has a self install kit to avoid installation charges. I
>am getting different installation fee numbers every time I call -
>anywhere from $25 to $50 but no one can put it in writing. They say
>that is what it is and take my word for it. Yeah who's right!
>If anyone has gone through this experience I would appreciate some
>insight both on the technical and dealing with Comcast sides.
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