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Re: [PLUG] Tried of Windows...

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Grabowy, Chris <> wrote:

Originally when I was setting up the “file server” I decided to keep it Windows 7  based since the drives were NTFS (at the time I was not sure that Linux could do NTFS), and I was using another SATA card (Syba SATA II card, not sure Linux could use that card) to support more drives.  Frankly, it was just quicker and easier to slap the drives in there and it was up and available.  The drives are not RAIDed.  Eventually when the price of drives fall back to where they should be then I will take a look at striping or mirroring.

If you're worried about SATA support Linux has it.  If you're still worried about it support your specific SATA controller then there are plenty of Live Linux distros you can boot up without touching the system.  Try booting to one of them and see if it detects the SATA special devices.  Try to mount one of your drives.  Create a small file and then delete that small file (for testing purposes).  I think you'll find that you won't have any problems out of the box.  If you're using a special RAID controller (like me) then a lot of times the vendor will post Linux supported kernel modules (what you know as Windows drivers) for their hardware.

Try a live CD.  I doubt it will be trouble.

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