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[PLUG] Tonight: "Robot Scientist: Inferring Material Properties from Experimental Data"

Sorry for the late notice...

Friday, September 21, 6:00pm - 30 minutes plus Q&A - Free and open to members and the general public:

 NextFab is fortunate to have a special guest talk from computational 
biologist Dr. Michael (Mike) Schmidt, founder of cutting edge scientific
 data mining technology company Nutonian, Inc.,.

 Mike and colleague Dr. Hod Lipson have been named by Forbes magazine as
 #7 in the Forbes list of "most powerful data scientists"! for their 
Robot Scientist / Eureqa technology which has allowed computers to make 
discoveries in biology, physics, and engineering never before thought 
possible for artificial intelligence.

 Mike's talk is entitled "Robot Scientist: Inferring Material Properties from Experimental Data".

 Mike is an excellent speaker and can gear his talk toward both non-technical and technical audiences, so please attend!

 Light snacks will be provided
Please feel free to extend this invitation and to bring friends who might be interested!

 Hope to see you this evening.

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