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Re: [PLUG] perl and CPAN (was Re: Upcoming December talk)

I'm a professional system administrator and author of several cpan
modules, so I could easily give a good talk on managing your CPAN modules.
Chris, the owner of Local::Lib has previously been a presenter at PLUG
Central, but I don't know what his availability is.

> On 9/19/2012 2:52 PM, Morgan Jones wrote:
> only a month late, but...
>> This may not be a whole night's topic but it's always bugged me and
>> I'm curious if I'm alone:
>> I would be interested to hear how you use perl modules as a
>> programmer.  I do a fair amount of Perl programming and use my
>> scripts at different customer sites.  There is nothing I find more
>> frustrating than a script with a dozen dependencies which themselves
>> have several dependencies.  I'll admit it's been a while since I used
>> the CPAN module but it was only of moderate help the last time I used
>> it.
>> Ultimately what I do is try to meet my needs without modules and
>> limit my use to necessities.
>> Is there a trick I'm missing or are modules just difficult and that's
>> the way it is?
> Modules should not be difficult. The whole point of CPAN is to make your
> life easier by not requiring you to reimplement the wheel.
> There's a couple of modules that make it much easier to deal with:
>   cpanm (cpan-minus), which generally "just does the right thing" when
> installing modules without prompting you unless it absolutely has to.
>   local:lib, which lets you install to and run using a local install of
> any modules. it also has a "core-only" option so that you know you have
> everything you might be dependent on in your local-lib.
> Between them it makes it pretty easy to install and deploy what you
> need. Once I have my local-lib set up for a project, I can just copy the
> folder along with whatever script(s) I need and it Just Works(tm).
> I generally don't get to the meets (being in the northern suburbs puts
> me a long way from both Center City and the PLUG "North" meetings), but
> I'd be happy to write up a walk through or discuss on or off list if
> there's an interest.
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