JP Vossen on 1 Nov 2012 21:49:59 -0700

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[PLUG] Cool network-related cheat-sheets

All in a zip:

1.	BGP.pdf
2.	EIGRP.pdf
3.	First_Hop_Redundancy.pdf
4.	IEEE_802.11_WLAN.pdf
5.	IEEE_802.1X.pdf
6.	IPsec.pdf
7.	IPv4_Multicast.pdf
8.	IPv6.pdf
9.	IS-IS.pdf
10.	OSPF.pdf
11.	PPP.pdf
12.	RIP.pdf
13.	Spanning_Tree.pdf
14. scapy.pdf # Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery
15.	tcpdump.pdf
16.	Wireshark_Display_Filters.pdf
17.	common_ports.pdf               # Including malware
18.	IOS_IPv4_Access_Lists.pdf
19.	IPv4_Subnetting.pdf
20.	Markdown.pdf
21.	MediaWiki.pdf
22.	Frame_Mode_MPLS.pdf
23.	IOS_Zone-Based_Firewall.pdf
24.	NAT.pdf
25.	QoS.pdf
26.	VLANs.pdf
27.	VOIP_Basics.pdf
28.	Cisco_IOS_Versions.pdf
29.	physical_terminations.pdf

I'd never heard of 'scapy' before, it sounds awesome:

	$ apt-cache show python-scapy
	Package: python-scapy
	Priority: optional
	Section: net
	Installed-Size: 1164
	Maintainer: David Villa Alises <>
	Architecture: all
	Source: scapy
	Version: 2.1.0-1
	Replaces: scapy (<< 1.0.5-1)
	Depends: python (>= 2.5), python-support (>= 0.90.0)
Suggests: tcpdump, tcpreplay, wireshark, graphviz, imagemagick, python-gnuplot, python-crypto, python-pyx, ebtables, python-visual, sox, xpdf, gv, hexer
	Conflicts: scapy (<< 1.0.5-1)
	Filename: pool/main/s/scapy/python-scapy_2.1.0-1_all.deb
	Size: 226370
	MD5sum: eeab71cb7bfc7b6de10814d47f918d50
	SHA1: 1bffd41882f0589e68453ca5c7b8c152238c717c
	SHA256: 297aced785947083b141c63239e889105f4bc251d2bc92454005e53196ef5741
	Description: Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery
	 Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation tool, packet
	 generator, network scanner, network discovery, packet sniffer, etc. It
	 can for the moment replace hping, 85% of nmap, arpspoof, arp-sk, arping,
	 tcpdump, tethereal, p0f, ....
	 In scapy you define a set of packets, then it sends them, receives
answers, matches requests with answers and returns a list of packet couples (request, answer) and a list of unmatched packets. This has the big advantage
	 over tools like nmap or hping that an answer is not reduced to
	 (open/closed/filtered), but is the whole packet.
Tag: admin::monitoring, implemented-in::python, interface::shell, network::scanner, protocol::ethernet, role::program, scope::utility, use::scanning, works-with::network-traffic

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