Amul Shah on 26 Nov 2012 18:56:41 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] New location for PLUG West meetings...

FIS has some fancy projectors. Granted, we don't have food or wifi, but the view is good. :)

I asked Paul to cancel the next few meetings because historic turnout has been depressingly low during these months. Lack of speakers lined up also made me wonder just how many people would come.

I am heartened by the renewed interest in the meetings on the mailing list.

If people really want a December meeting, lets do it. Besides, the Linux installation on my Netbook suffers intermittent hangs. I need to talk with people who might have suggestions on how to fix it.


On Mon, Nov 26, 2012, at 09:12 PM, Fred Stluka wrote:
> Walt,
> Sorry for the delay...  I wanted to got there in person to check
> on some things (and eat a hoagie!).
> Good catch!  No, they do not have a projector.
> I tested their WiFi today.  20MB down, 5MB up, so plenty fast.
> It's a Comcast connection, with most ports open.  I was able
> to ping, ssh, smtp, pop, and http.
> So, what do we do about the projector?  Any interest in taking
> up a collection for PLUG to own one?  Or does anyone have one
> we can use?
> --Fred
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> On 11/20/12 10:46 PM, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> > Do they also have a projector and screen?
> >
> > On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 07:06:50PM -0500, Fred Stluka wrote:
> >> If FIS is not available for a few months, I have a new place to suggest.
> >>
> >> John's Pizza on US 30 in Frazer, right near the US 202 interchange.
> >> It's just a couple of miles from FIS, two exits south on 202, and just
> >> as easy on/off 202 as FIS.
> >>
> >> They have a meeting room that holds 15-20 people at least, that
> >> they will allow us to use for free, as long as some/all of us are
> >> buying food or drinks.  Not a problem for me since I think their
> >> cheesesteaks and hoagies are absolutely the best in the world.
> >> Also, their pizzas are very good.  They supply 20+ pizzas every
> >> month to the local Java User Group, delivering them to that group's
> >> meeting room in KoP, and everyone raves about the food.
> >>
> >> They also have free WiFi access.
> >>
> >> I talked to Chris (the owner, who recently bought the business
> >> from John, his dad) tonight, and he'd be happy to reserve the
> >> room for us on the 3rd Monday of every month.
> >>
> >> Thoughts?
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