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Re: [PLUG] to SIP trunk or not to SIP trunk

I second the    I had used  for years and  it was mostly OK but I started to develop problems with them and switched to  - RTT's are less than half of callwithus. has many servers. I had been using their NYC server but it must have been in the flood district and crapped out repeatedly in the weeks after Sandy. They re-routed the IP but it took awhile  and I had to reboot each time, so I switched to the Atlanta server which has been working fine. Sip Rtt's around 30-40ms.


From: Carl Johnson <>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 2:02 PM
Subject: [PLUG] to SIP trunk or not to SIP trunk

i've been tasked with replacing an analog phone system. i'm already building an asterisk box and, i believe i've figured out all the hardware (phones, server, timing dongle etc). now it's getting near time to connect the outside world to it. so, can anyone out there recommend a decent provider to me?

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