Eric H. Johnson on 3 Dec 2012 06:15:54 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] PLUG should own a projector...


If we have our own projector I expect we could use the back room at
Baxter's, just across Rt. 29 from FIS. Not sure how busy they are a 7:00 PM,
but by 9:00 PM on a Monday it is usually pretty quiet, and they already know


PLUG folks,

We've been talking about meeting locations for PLUG West, and one problem is
lack of a projector.

I say PLUG should buy a projector.  They only cost a couple hundred dollars
these days.

Option 1:
If the PLUG West folks all chipped in to buy one and stored it at John's
Pizza or some other restaurant to be used as a meeting place, perhaps the
restaurant would chip in too, especially if we allowed them to offer it to
other groups who use their meeting room.

Option 2:
We could buy one without help from a restaurant, and just bring it to all
meetings, wherever we hold them.  Could maybe share it (and the cost) with
PLUG Central and PLUG North.  Do enough people attend all 3 meetings that
shuttling it to each meeting would be convenient?

Option 3:
I may buy one myself, for my use at various clients.  If so, I'd be glad to
bring it to the PLUG West meetings that I attend.

Option 4:
We could rent a projector for a day, for each meeting.  I haven't looked
into prices or logistics, and I doubt it would be cheap enough to justify
not buying, but it's a possibility...


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