Michael Lazin on 9 Jan 2013 11:37:40 -0800

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[PLUG] good linux mail clients

Hi, I have been using Thunderbird and ubuntu at work for many years, and I am starting to feel like Thunderbird is inadequate for my needs.  I used to keep every email I received using imap, but I am getting more and more emails with large attachments and am running into quota problems.  When I try to delete my years of back emails Thunderbird freezes and stutters and sometimes locks up my pc.  Does anyone have a recommendation of a better mail client for linux than thunderbird?  At this point I'm willing to try something new if I can find a mail client for linux that can easily sort through years of emails and make mass deletes easy.  I think it might be time for a change, as I believe mozilla is no longer supporting thunderbird officially (from what I understand there will be patches but no new releases).

Michael Lazin

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