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[PLUG] PLUG W: In the Beginning was the Command Line

PLUG W had a well attended and very cool "Raspberry Pi" preso by Jason Plum (not Steven Shim as listed), thanks Jason! I was checking out the Adafruit starter pack for ideas, but I already have a lot of that stuff, so I'll probably do an alacart thing.

Also, someone was talking about doing a Kiosk kind of thing with a Pi. This might be handy: (found under

At dinner after the talk, I had mentioned "In the Beginning was the Command Line" was was drawing a blank on the author, Neal Stephenson. Duh...

Anyway, for any Linux, CLI and/or power tool fan, you must go read (or re-read) this. You will be on the floor, hysterical.

Neal Stephenson's "In the Beginning was the Command Line"	(HTML)
--or--	(ZIP)

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