Eric H. Johnson on 10 Mar 2013 08:04:21 -0700

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[PLUG] File ownership under Linux

Hi all,

I am running into a problem running an executable cross compiled on Ubuntu
for X86 and targeting an Arm7. I suspect the problem may have to do with
ownership. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on an X86 to target to an Arm7. I have
successfully compiled a patched kernel which successfully boots to it and a
Debian Wheezy image. I am now trying to port some utilities which I have
successfully compiled on the x86 with the same tool chain. There is no
packaging system in place so I am just copying files. 

The file I want to run is an executable, so if I try the fully qualified
path, running as root on arm7:

I get an error to the effect that there is no file or directory by that

Here is what I need clarification on. Everything on the Arm7 runs on an SD
card, so at the moment I just plug the SD into the x86 computer and copy the
files I need. When I copy I am running as root on the x86. After I boot to
the SD from the Arm7 and check the file ownership and attributes they are:

root:root and -xrw-xr-xr respectively.

But even so I have used chmod and chown to force the ownership and
attributes, but see no discernible difference.

Adding to the puzzle, there are script files in the same folder which I can
at least launch even though they error out as soon as they reference a local
executable.  I can successfully run 'readelf' on 'latency' and it seems to
indicate that there are no problems, including the ability to resolve
referenced library files, etc.

 My real question is, is root on the x86 the same a root on the arm7, and
even if it were not, should I not be able to force it with chown?


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