Casey Bralla on 24 Mar 2013 13:15:02 -0700

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[PLUG] Apache2 Server Error

I've got a weird Apache2 cgi-bin server error I can't figure out.

This used to work, but I must have mucked something up somehow, and I'm 

I'm clicking a button on a web page to call a separate stand-alone python 
program trhat generates an output file.  When I click on the button, I get the 
dreaded "Internal Server Error" screen.

If I run the program from the command line, it runs fine.  Permissions for the 
program are wide-open (universal execution). 

The apache logs show that I have a malformed header.  Specifically, it says:
"malformed header from script. Bad header=Loading page (1/2):, referer:";

To trouble-shoot this, I have deleted almost the entire program.  In fact, all 
it is now is comments!  

Anybody have any idea where I should be going on my trouble-shooting?


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