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Re: [PLUG] Need a Groupware/Calendar Recommendation

Lee et al,

Unless I misunderstand your definition of native app, you can use a native calendar app against Zimbra--it provides CalDAV.  Apple's iCal works great as does the iPhone app.  I have not tried Android myself but I have colleagues that do.

Strictly speaking Zimbra is monolithic.  Though it uses OpenLDAP, Postfix, nginx etc. the meat of the product (web client, imap, pop and lmtp) are all custom implementations in their Java application.  Decoupling Calendaring for instance is essentially impossible.  You can set up an account for calendar only access through the CoS but at least last I checked it doesn't work well as calendaring uses email to send/receive meeting requests and similar.


I use and like Zimbra myself both personally and professionally but unless you are looking to replace your existing mail solution it is not a good fit for your calendaring needs.  If you are thinking of trying Zimbra your best bet is to dedicate a machine (VM is fine) with enough resources and it should work well for you.  Zimbra prefers to be the only think on the host.  As Lee said the single server install is straightforward.


On Apr 1, 2013, at 1:23 PM, Lee H. Marzke wrote:

> FYI,  if you don't need a native app calendar then this may work:
> Zimbra has a java mobile web client in the free opensource edition that provides
> email, calendar and address book to mobile clients ( and an AJAX full client for desktop)
> FYI,  Zimbra is not a large monolithic solution, the open source solution is composed of:
> - postfix MTA
> - mysql DB
> - openLDAP directory
> - custom LDAP schema's
> - amavis, spamassassin and clamAV
> - imap/pop proxy,  http reverse proxy
> - carDAV, calDAV,  iCal , etc.  ( but not sync )
> - custom AJAX web client,  java mobile web client.
> - lucine content index 
> Installation involves just answering questions,  and it all is running in
> about an hour for single server install.   All configuration items go
> into LDAP not config files.   Users can authenticate internally or
> to LDAP or AD.
> The commercial version adds:
> - active sync for mobile
> - mobile management ( min length password on device, device wipe, etc. )
> - legal holds  ( archive mbox's when requested to not delete mail by pending legal action )
> - legal search ( search all mailboxes in domain by keyword )
> - realtime backup, clustering, multi-tennancy
> The packaged software is designed to scale out ( multi-server ) to 250,000 user mboxes
> or more which is why all the configuration is stored in LDAP ,  yet the
> same software runs on one server with a trivial install.
> Lee
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>> I've suddenly found myself unemployed and no longer able to connect
>> to my ex-
>> employer's MS Exchange on my smart phone.   Although I have a backup
>> copy of
>> my Outlook pst file, I'm basically without an electronic calendar.
>> I'm therefore looking for an electronic calendar that can be accessed
>> both
>> remotely and locally.  It doesn't have to be "groupware" per se, but
>> that
>> would be nice.
>> I've got a permanent internet connection to run servers (I'm running
>> servers now), so I'm looking for a recommendation from the group on a
>> good
>> calendar-type service.
>> Anybody have a recommendation?
>> TIA!
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