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Re: [PLUG] activesync Was: Need a Groupware/Calendar Recommendation

No battery issues with activesync on my galaxy S3 , but I only sync every hour or so.


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Subject: Re: [PLUG] activesync Was: Need a Groupware/Calendar Recommendation

On Apr 1, 2013, at 2:20 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:

> Lee, Morgan, et al:
> Thanks for the advice.  I'll try Zimba in a VM.
> BTW, One of the coolest features I liked about Exchange and my iPhone was the
> ability to automatically sync my address book and calendar on the device.
> Is this what we mean by "activesync", which is only available on the
> commercial version?

If you want to use your mobile device with the free version of Zimbra you will need to do CalDAV+IMAP+SMTP and the ports/configuration there required.  Email and calendaring works very well with this configuration.

ActiveSync also syncs contacts as you mention--to do that in the free version Zimbra supports CardDav though the last time I tried it it was buggy and lost contacts under certain circumstances.  I haven't it tried it in Zimbra 8 though in 7.1.x versions if you added a contact while offline (ie on a plane) the contact would be deleted when the phone (iPhone) re-synced with the server.

ActiveSync uses port 443 for all traffic making it more firewall and configuration friendly.  It also allows remote wipe and policy enforcement (requiring a device passcode for instance).  Zimbra's ActiveSync implementation is only available in the commercial version.

I have access to both and honestly at least on the iPhone I prefer CalDAV+imap+smtp--it's easier on the battery.  I find ActiveSync kills my battery, perhaps because it maintains a connection all the time?  I've never used it against an Exchange server or with Android so it's possible battery eating is an iPhone/Zimbra trait.

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