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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Fosscon 2013 Official Announcement: Saturday August 10th

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Howdy PLUG,

Below is the announcement for Fosscon 2013, coming this summer. As always
we'll be looking to PLUG members to give talks, so feel free to submit

Fosscon 2013 will be held Saturday, August 10th, at the Friends Center
facility in Central Philadelphia. This new location provides easy access
from Market East station and Suburban station, and is located in the heart
of Philadelphia with plenty to see and do nearby.

This years keynote will be provided by Philadelphia's own Jordan Miller,
who leads a research team at UPENN. Jordan makes heavy use of open source
software and is doing amazing work with 3D printing as it pertains to
transplantable organs.

Fosscon 2013 is a free and open source software conference, and will
include talks on workshops on topics including development, community
building, hackerspace activities, and more. Learn about 3D printing,
security, and protecting your privacy. Network with the local tech
community and discover new technologies.

The Ubuntu PA group will be offering support for installation or
troubleshooting of your linux system regardless of what distribution you
use, and Hive76 members along with members of other nearby hackerspaces
will be showing off 3D printing, electronics, and will even have a combat
robot arena that you can try yourself.

Fosscon is also searching for speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for this
year's event.

For information on speaking, visit

For information on sponsoring, visit

For information on exhibiting, visit

To register for Fosscon, visit
Basic admission is free, but paid adminssion of $25 helps make Fosscon
possible for all of us. We appreciate your support!

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you there!
  -- The Fosscon 2013 team.
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