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Re: [PLUG] Job Opportuinty (Fulltime/Perm): Linux Administrator (Redhat) - Center City Philadelphia

Rant on Doug. What's even better is carpet bombing recruiters who shotgun out job listings for 3 month contracts on the other side of the country. Because, yes, I want to upend my entire life and travel across the country to work a 3 month contract.


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I have full time, permanent placement opportunity for a Linux Administrator (Redhat preferred) in Center City Philadelphia. Interviews will be scheduled quickly for qualified applicants.



Uh... that's... vague.


What kind of company is it?  Startup?  Mid-size?  Fortune 500?  If it's a startup, do they have a revenue stream?  What industry is it?  B2B?  B2C?  Ecommerce? Consumer goods? Consulting? Medical? Are there other responsibilities that come with the position, such as desktop support?  Are there any additional technical requirements, such as experience with a specific cloud platform or backup solution?  Does the company offer any benefits that differentiate itself from competitors such as 401(k) or the ability to work remotely?


Us engineers aren't all alike.  We're not replaceable cogs that can be just dropped into any position.  Companies may want the right person for a given position, but it also works the other way: we're all looking for the right employer.


I don't mean to pick on the poster specifically, but I see vague job postings like this from recruiters *all the time*.  It is frustrating for us who are looking to change jobs because we get no useful information to make any kind of decision on, and it's frustrating for the client company because they get job applicants that are spread all over the spectrum and have a more difficult time finding someone who is a good fit for the position.




-- Doug


P.S. Feel free to disagree with any or all of what I just wrote.  I'm more than happy to be proven wrong.


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