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Re: [PLUG] Alternate Raspberry Pi Project

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On 06/16/2013 12:57 AM, Adam Zion wrote:
> OK, I gave up trying to make the Raspberry Pi into a roll-your-own NAS, since the USB wasn't able to handle the throughput necessary (that's using Raspbian or Arch, command-line only, incidentally). I repurposed an old Dell Dimension, loaded Crunchbang on it, and set up Samba and rsync to make NAS w/redundant drives. Now, however, I have an unused Raspberry Pi that's looking for a job. Any suggestions?
> Yes, I'm Googling for ideas too, but I'm curious what PLUG says as well.
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I have 2 Pi's.  I've played around with the GPIO interface and used it to control 8 LEDs.

My first "real" project will be a "kiosk" type device.  I'll put it in a closet and connect it to a monitor mounted on the opposite wall using the hdmi interface.  Then I'll set the GUI to only start X and a full-screen instance of Chrome or Firefox.  The display itself will be a series of html/php pages served by Apache running right on the Pi.  The pages will be set to refresh every 10 to 20 seconds.  We'll be able to update the pages via a Samba share with limited access.

As for the second Pi, I don't know yet.  Perhaps a graphics controller for a homebrewing system?  I envision it connected to an Arduino.  The Pi handles the graphical interface and constructing the "profile" for the brewing process while the Arduino handles the timing and the analog and digital I/O.

In any event, the Pi is an amazing device - have fun!

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