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Re: [PLUG] encryption

That's the whole hedge with encryption right?  Make it
inaccessible until the value of the information decreases
enough to not matter.  Frankly, that's not very long.
Most information that's sensitive is so for a relatively
short period of time.

On 9/18/13 10:56 AM, Paul Walker wrote:
> As I understand it (I believe it was something disclosed in
> this keynote the
> NSA has access to the internet backbone infrastructure and
> is actually storing a large percentage of all internet traffic. 
> Even if pgp (or any) encryption is currently unbreakable,
> it's silly to think that it is future proof. 
> So, what I would do - if I wanted to know the contents of
> every human communication transmitted by electromagnetic
> radiation, and some of it was encrypted and unbreakable, and
> I had unlimited resources: store that stuff until such time
> as it became breakable. This is probably within the realm of
> possibility.


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