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Re: [PLUG] Any speakers for October?

If there are no volunteers to speak then perhaps we could:

  + Have a round of lightning talks?
     (this is where you prepare a relevant talk and then
      speak for 5 minutes.)

  + Have a round of impromptu lighting talks?
     (this is where you volunteer *on* *the* *spot* to
      speak for 5 minutes.  Some of you are already good
      at this.)

  + Have a round of "draft board" lighting talks?
     (I point my finger at you and shout "Hey You!  Get up
      here and talk about Linux for 5 minutes!!")
      (...and NONE of you are 4-F in *this* draft - heh!)

  + Have a round of meditation lightning talks?
     (You sit in the front of the room and say oooohhhhhmmmm
      for 5 minutes.  Most of us leave early to go drink beer.)

Any volunteers or other (better!) ideas?


On 09/30/2013 09:00 PM, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> The schedule is looking pretty bare...did we have any volunteers at the
> September meetings?
> Otherwise, would anyone like to jump in? Currently, speakers are needed
> for. I know that there's been some interest in PGP on the list
> recently...anyone feel like putting together a talk on current best
> practices?
>   - Wednesday, Oct 2 at PLUG Central
>   - Tuesday, Oct 14 at PLUG North
>   - Monday, Oct 21 at PLUG West
> Paul

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