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Re: [PLUG] Tor project, NSA, and our September presentation

I may be speaking out of context since I did not attend that particular meeting, but as I read it, that article seems to have a significant misunderstanding of Tor.

There is no difficulty in identifying who is running Tor, DPI will reveal that, the purpose is to anonymize activity once it is run. There are means of hiding Tor within other types of traffic to make it harder to block. These techniques are used mainly to circumvent places in the world like China which actively tries to block Tor traffic not specifically to hide who is running Tor.

TAILS is a zero footprint implementation of Tor, meaning that once the LiveCD instance is shutdown, there is no record of ones activity as it has no persistance. All activity is stored in memory, so disappears once it is shutdown.

Lastly I did not see that the article clarified that the Tor browser bundle vulnerability only applies to Windows.


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This is another interesting piece from Bruce Schneier:

One of the links in the comments is tails ( which is based
on Debian.

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