Matt Mossholder on 7 Nov 2013 07:01:49 -0800

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[PLUG] SecurID experience with mapping users based on source host

     I'm working on something where I need to be able to do some dynamic mapping of user IDs in SecurID. 

     Here's the scenario:

            * Users have two different accounts, one for day-to-day use, and another for administrative access.
            * Depending on the system being used, the user may need to authenticate with either, but not both, of the two accounts.
            * I would like the users to only carry a single token, rather than needing one for each of the two accounts.

     Is this something that SecurID can do? It seems like you should be able to do it using the Login Alias setting, but it also seems like it is more focused on group authentication, rather than individual users.

     Has anyone been down this path before?


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