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[PLUG] Job posting - looking for a Linux/Samba 4 expert



We’re a small (very small) software business in central New Jersey. We operate a group of computers and servers with a mix of operating systems (Windows 98 thru Windows 8.1; Small Business Server Essentials 2011; Linux). We have a project and we’re looking for someone with excellent Samba 4 credentials and experience, especially in a small business environment. This project could be bid on a contract or hourly basis.


The issue at hand is to migrate a couple of Linux machines set up with Samba 3 to membership on our Windows Small Business Server domain while retaining one of the Linux boxes to provide Windows-like authentication and authorization services under Samba 4. We’re not trying to eliminate Linux and we do make use of the virtual machine and RAID backup redundancy aspects of it, but we have an old server that mechanically is on its last legs that currently handles much of the permission and authentication work of the domain and we need to migrate this functionality to a new machine as well as create more reliable, more robust backup protocols. For the record, we had someone help us set the system up originally but because of professional demands, he’s no longer available to assist us.


Please quote us your rates for this type of work and what you would require in terms of remote connection/credentials to perform the work. Thank you.



Les Eversen


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