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Re: [PLUG] Corporate email and webpage hosting provider?

On 02/20/2014 10:59 AM, Greg Helledy wrote:
> We have hosted our IMAP email and webpage in-house many years without a
> problem, but that means these disappear when the power to the building
> goes out.  The recent ice storm took the company off the internet for
> nearly 5 days, which the owners have decided is unacceptable and they're
> willing to pay to guarantee that never happens again.
> The web page is a very simple html information sheet, nothing
> interactive.  If that matters, it's designed/updated with Wordpress.  We
> would have about 20 email boxes.  We'd also be interested in calendaring.
> If anyone has any recommendations, positive or negative, about
> providers, please send them my way.  Realistically, name recognition
> will be a factor, because of the "big = reliable" assumption.
> Thanks,

If you're already managing this stuff in-house, then a VPS is probably
your best bet.  I'm a big fan of Linode, they have good service and are
pretty flexible. (I.E. Upgrade/Downgrade package at any time.)

They provide images of the major distros (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc)
out of the box, but you can still roll your own if you want to.

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