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[PLUG] check for a file being transmitted via ftp

I expect a file to be routinely transmitted to me via ftp.  A bash script,
invoked as a cron job, will process and then archive that ftp file.

All of that is easy/routine.

My question is: how do I know that the file is complete?  I don't want to
start processing the file without being sure that the ftp process is done.

I thought about checking the size of the file in bytes and then comparing that
to it's size 1 minute earlier... if it's not growing then it's probably done.
But, that's just *probably* as ftp could be stalled temporarily or worse.

I have also considered about using inotify cron (incron) but I expect that it
would be triggered at the file's creation - not when it's time for me to
process it.

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