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Re: [PLUG] Off-Topic: Unpopular Opinions

Only a thou?  That's like us buying a box of girl scout cookies.  Has he demonstrated
homophobia in work place decisions?  That is really more meaningful.
On Sat, 4/5/14, Casey Bralla <> wrote:

 Subject: [PLUG] Off-Topic: Unpopular Opinions
 To: "Philadelphia Linux User's Group Discussion List" <>
 Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014, 5:06 PM
 Unfortunately, the
 history of the world has been that unpopular opinions, when
 publicly stated, get you in trouble. 
 Jesus was crucified for "basically saying 
 that people should be nice to each other";
 Galileo was put under house arrest 
 suggesting something could orbit a body other than the
 earth.  Alan Turing 
 was forced to take
 hormones for the crime of being homosexual.  
 It may be my age showing, but
 I think we used to celebrate our diversity of 
 opinion a lot more than we do now.  The
 hippies used to urge you to "do your 
 own thing"; the ACLU used to fight for the
 right of the KKK to march in Skokie, 
 Voltaire's phrase "I disagree with what you say,
 but I will fight to the 
 death for your
 right to say it" was the pinnacle of liberal
 Now, if you
 question global warming, you should be prosecuted for
 mankind"; if your
 religion teaches that homosexuality is wrong, you're a
 "homophobe"; if you make even the
 slightest criticism of Islam, your life is 
 in danger.
 It's always been crummy to be in the
 minority.  Try being the only man at the 
 League of Women Voters, or a fundamentalist
 Christian at Mozilla, or a 
 Republican at
 the NY Times.
 The worst
 thing, IMHO, is that we don't even recognize it in
 ourselves when we 
 try to stifle unpopular
 On Saturday 2014-04-05 3:58:38 PM Ed Ackerman
 > On Sat, 5 Apr 2014,
 > > The specific issue was not
 around CEO Brendan Eich's beliefs, but the fact
 > > that he took specific and concrete
 actions to keep same-sex couples from
 > marrying, by way of making a $1,000 to Proposition 8 in
 California.  If he
 > > had simply not
 been a fan of gays or gays marrying, I don't think
 > The better
 issue should be -- was that action mozilla the corporation
 > his personal action? This happened
 six plus years ago and beliefs change.
 When I was growing up it was OK to have separate but equal
 > schools, what have you.
 Looking back we can see that it was wrong, but at
 > that time, in that place it was not
 > Six years
 ago this issue was not even a blip on most peoples radar.
 > However, with education, protests, and
 legal challenges we now know
 > about
 same-sex marrage and for most people our collective idea of
 > shifted.
 > Blaming the corporation over what an
 individual employee, and Brendon Eich
 _was_ an employee, did seems like tossing the baby out with
 the bath
 > water. Would we get this upset
 over average Joe Coder doing the same
 exact thing?
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