Rich Freeman on 6 Apr 2014 09:37:18 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Alternate Browsers Survey

On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> Epiphany
> A gnome-based browser, so building it on my KDE-Gentoo system pulled in lots
> of extra stuff.  The results were very disappointing.   Maybe I'm missing
> something by not being a gnome fan, but I couldn't even see where to set a
> default opening page.

I suspect it is buried in the Gnome control panel or something like
it.  I haven't tried to run Gnome-anything in years, but as I recall a
lot of their software had that problem if you tried to run it when you
didn't actually have Gnome installed.  The dependencies in Gentoo tend
to be pretty granular, so you can install all the libs/etc it takes to
run something like Epiphany, but you won't get the UI for the control
panel you need to configure it.  However, again I'll mention that I
haven't tried it recently so that could be dated commentary.

Perhaps KDE software suffers the same problems - since I run KDE I
can't tell.  However, most KDE software has access to settings in the
menu which brings up the same screen as you'd find in the control
panel.  Ditto for keyboard shortcuts and notifications - those can be
controlled centrally in the control panel or individually from each
application.  Honestly, I just like the way KDE handles this stuff.

> Rekonq
> Beautiful!  A KDE-friendly browser that is fun, fast, and customizable.   At
> first, I couldn't use it though because all the ads got through!   (Wow, I
> didn't realize how much nicer having an ad-blocker is.)  Then I explored and
> found ad-blocker on the tools.

Yeah, I too get spoiled by the ad blockers.  When I test Gentoo images
on VMs/EC2/etc I usually fire up a browser (konqueror when testing
kde) and navigate to a few major sites, and I'm just struck by all the
ads.  I usually wipe the images not long after, so I don't bother
fixing that.

I'll stick with chromium all the same, and it is really nice to have
bookmarks and open-tabs synced between devices.

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