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Re: [PLUG] SIP porting

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:30 AM, <> wrote:
=> There was a question posed at a plug meeting a while back about porting
=> numbers to to use for your home phone. It seems they do actually
=> allow this. As with all number porting, it's a complete pain to get it
=> done. Enjoy!

   I ported a couple numbers a while back, and I don't recall it being
particularly painful. There was a fee to port each number, and ported
numbers cost a bit more to maintain than newly allocated numbers, but
paying a per-minute charge instead of a monthly plan charge more than
made up for it.

                                   Gary Duzan

Yep, I am in the middle of a port now and apart from the usual corporate brain deadness of expecting their customers to be mind readers it seems all right. In my case my radical viewpoint is that if your customer needs to enter a physical address rather than a PO box then perhaps mention it somewhere on the form, this caused a rejection then a support ticket to rectify - ridiculous actually.

I'm on about the third port of my cell phone number - this time from Google Voice to

I've been on for other numbers for years and I've had no serious issues.

-Andrew Holden
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